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  Paddy's Return    
  Waltz Irlande    
  The Boys of Bluehill    
  The Parting Glass    
  Blarney Roses    
  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling    
  Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie    
  The Maid of Buncloudy    
  Blantyre Explosion    
  Fiddlers Green    
  Cill Chais    
  Icy Acres  
  Irish polka    
Spancil Hill  
  Irisch Washerwoman
  I'll tell me ma
  The Wild Rover
  Lord of the dance  
  The town I loved so well  
  In Dublin's Fair City  
  Father Kelly    
  The fields of Athenry
  Whiskey in a jar  
  Bye Bye, my Roseanne  
  What shall we do with the drunken sailor    
  Boys of Malin